The Director’s Message

Ladies, Misses and gentlemen,

Dear Internet users,

This website, which seems essential to us, has as main purpose, to present the Bamenda Regional Hospital as awhole,  informing sympathizers, NGOs, and other development partners about the activities carried out within the hospital. This will undoubtedly contribute to the development of our hospital structure.

In accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic, His Excellency PAUL BIYA, we are all invited to work in the direction of a digital economy, in order to accelerate the development of the country. This prescription is justified because, we can see that the Internet, mobile phones and other digital technologies are spreading rapidly throughout the developing world. Unfortunately, the expected digital dividends of stronger growth, more jobs and better public services are not meeting expectations.

Given the social and cultural context of our country, this website has been produced in two versions : French and English. In this way, it will give all Francophones, Anglophones,and  countries worldwide,  the opportunity to understand how the hospital works and to take advantage of this new experience which is in line with the objectives of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.

In order to contribute to the materialization of the cherished wishes of Cameroonians to see the developmentof a digital economy, the Bamenda Regional Hospital has acquired not only this Internet site which will enable them to be informed in real time on its vision and its activities.It also has a news alert system with newsletters sent into the mailboxes of all those who subscribe to the website.

 We will also have an online platform for taking appointments with doctors having some objectives as listed below:
  • Online appointments
  • Suggestions for improving our services
  • Continuous Patient Satisfaction Evaluation
  • Participation in fundraising for the ongoing rennovation of the hospital
Finally,according to the instructions and the vision of the Minister of Public Health André MAMA FOUDA I encourage all my colleagues to put in maximum efforts, with all the determination required to see this project through. Let us take up this challenge together and realize our ambition by seizing positively this potential which is to put our hospital structure in the concert of modern hospitals because we cannot stay on the sidelines of the revolution of the development of a digital economy.

While thanking you for your visit on our website, your suggestions are welcome.

Please, do not hesitate to do so through our contact form.

Thank you.

                                                                                                 The Director

                                                                                     Dr KINGE THOMPSON NJIE